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Part 97: Building A 3D Printer
Looking for another hardware project, I decided to build a 3D printer, inspired by a design found on Instructables.

Part 96: A 3D Printed Case Mod
Back again after a long break. I needed a small project to get me back to work, and decided to create a case for my computer using my 3D printer.

Part 95: The New Slab
Thwarted by quirks! Graphics programming is so much fun...

Part 94: Working Again
I am actually working on the game code again! This part gives a design document which I may or may not actually follow...

Part 93: The Oculus Rift
The Oculus Rift finally arrived! Read all about it.

Part 92: I Bought A 3D Printer!
I bought a 3D printer. Here's my experience with it so far.

Part 91: 3D Printing
I spend a month trying to print some models. Two of them worked...

Part 90: Update
A scattered month spent on several different topics.

Part 89: More Models
The Habitat object and some other models. Still coding....

Part 88: It's Blue
Still working on terrain. I tried to make the station more interesting.

Part 87: Working on Terrain
An update on my progress this month. Not enough for a demo, unfortunately.

Part 86: Worlds You Can Walk On
A new version of the SeaOfMemes demo. Much more fun.

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