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GUI Design Contest

April 27, 2012

I've been working on my GUI code, and decided to use the graphic design site 99designs.com to find a concept/color scheme for the UI.

For any of you who are graphic designers and want to take a crack at it, the contest is here.

Design Brief

I am writing a video game and need a concept for the user interface graphics. I'm not looking for individual icons yet (I'll bid that work out separately), just an overall look.

The example I've provided (see "sample-concept.jpg") has some of the characteristics I'm looking for:

  • It's translucent, so that players can monitor the game while they are using windows/dialogs, etc.

  • It has a technical/engineering flavor, to match the game. My attempt was inspired by blueprints. It has a blue color scheme and uses an italic sans-serif font.

  • I want something fairly minimal and clean, since the user's attention should be given to the game, not the UI.

On the other hand, I'm a programmer, not an artist, and I'm not attached to the particulars of the sample concept. If you have a completely different idea, please submit it.

I've made both the dialogs and controls 30% transparent. Feel free to try variations on this, as long as controls are readable over the sample backgrounds. The video game code can support any texture on the control/dialog background. Transparency can vary over the surface if you like. Textures can be an arbitrary R,G,B,A image, in other words.

Your submissions should be in the form of a PNG file with appropriate levels of transparency (see "submission.png"). Three sample background images are provided. Your UI concept should be readable over all three. You will be specifying:

  • A color scheme. Specify colors of the dialog background, a disabled button, an unpressed ("up") button, a button with the mouse over it ("hover"), and a pressed ("down") button. I also need colors for text in various uses, the background and text color of a menu item, etc.

  • Background textures. As mentioned, the dialog and control backgrounds can be any texture with any amount of transparency.

  • A font. Please use either standard Web fonts or open source fonts (give a source URL.) My code only supports TrueType fonts. I'm using a font called "Sansation" in the example. Download from www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Sansation if you are interested in using it (not required.)

  • Button/icon styles. I don't expect a finished icon design, but please indicate if button graphics would be heavy or light, italic, curved, etc. and the color scheme. A rough sketch on the submission image is sufficient.

In addition to the design fee, I will be happy to credit the designer and give a link to your website in my documentation.






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