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GUI Design Contest Results

May 3, 2012

The contest did not start well. I was just getting variations on the concept that I had supplied. The staff at 99designs suggested that I had overspecified what I wanted (I was just trying not to be vague) and told me to simplify my brief. They also extended the contest for me, free of charge. Since then, several interesting variations have come in.

The best of the initial round was from reader Florian Bösch, shown here:

Florian's UI

I'd be happy to use this for UI work, and will try to do a skin for my GUI that uses this style. For SeaOfMemes, I wanted something more in the spirit of the game. I asked people to submit concepts, not detailed designs, and suggested something that looked like a building blueprint. I like these two designs:

Eikonographer's UI

Liu Design's UI

I've also gotten some other creative designs like this one:

mmactor's UI

A Poll

I'm still looking at designs and making suggestions to the designers. What do you think? Here's a poll. Please comment on the designs shown. I still have some time on the contest to get what I want.

Note: I updated the poll to allow only two choices. For some reason, Polldaddy is taking forever to reflect this change.

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