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Part 85: Space Station

July 25, 2013

I'm still working on the project, but I've been wandering from one topic to another and not accomplishing much. Right now, I'm messing with rebuilding the SeaOfMemes demo so that it has real landscape and you can actually walk on all the objects.

I've also been playing around with designing a space station, which people have asked about off and on. Overall, I think I prefer the hollow asteroid design, since it has more build area.

An open space station does have a spectacular view though, especially since it rotates so quickly. The station below is 1km in radius, and 100m across at the base. I've got it turning at 1.5 degrees per second, or 4 minutes per revolution. Even at that speed, the stars move sickeningly fast. Yet, according to this calculator, that's only a gravity of 7% of Earth!

I was inspired by a suspension bridge when I designed this, but I'm not happy with the result. Any suggestions?

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