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The main project on the site is SeaOfMemes, but there have been programs written along the way. To download all the programs in a single zip:

For Windows, download Part 83 Demos - Windows.

For Linux, download Part 83 Demos - Linux.

For Mac, download Part 83 Demos - Mac.

Source Code

To download all of the source code in a single zip: Part 83 Source.

Or you can follow this project on GitHub at:



This is the main project, eventually an MMO. It currently is single user and just consists of some background scenery.


A spinoff of the main project, this could be the framework of a Minecraft-like game. Currently, it just creates a procedural landscape, with no editing functions.


A utility which displays existing Minecraft worlds. This will be an exporter so that you can copy your favorite structures out of Minecraft and into SeaOfMemes.


This is the multi-platform framework used to develop the project. It contains audio, 3D and 2D graphics support, and a GUI. Currently it only supports OpenGL 2.1 and 3.3, but is intended to handle other platforms. It runs under Window, Linux and Mac OSX.

In addition to the framework, there are demos of procedural landscape generation and tree generation algorithms.

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